About Us

Nerine’s senior management team have worked together for more than 30 years with client and adviser relationships almost as long. Management and staff are shareholders of the PraxisIFM Group and our commitment is to serve the interests of our clients with care and skill.

Nerine is well established in key locations around the world, in complementary time zones, offering fiduciary services from Guernsey in the Channel Islands, the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, Geneva in Switzerland, and Hong Kong.

We share the same high standards across offices and the same commitment to superlative client service.

Nerine takes its name from Guernsey’s national flower. The Nerine Lily has flourished in Guernsey since the 17th century. We like to think that, like the lily, Nerine is a perennial evergreen able to grow and develop in most habitats with strong roots in Guernsey and a truly international presence.