Private Client Services

With thousands of years of history behind it the trust has been a cornerstone of succession and estate planning for wealthy families for generations. Indeed it remains a flexible, useful tool but the days of offering the vanilla, one-size-fits-all trust structure are long gone. Nerine works with individual clients, wherever they are in the world, to find the best solution for them and their beneficiaries. Trusts, carefully and expertly structured to reflect the requirements, may well be part of Nerine’s recommendations - executed and arranged the ‘Nerine Way’ - with innovation, expertise and insight.

Foundations are often described as an incorporated trust with the assets separate from the estate but with a separate legal personality. Foundations can be useful in wealth planning structures for all clients and provide another innovative option for estate planning and asset protection.

Of course Nerine offers the full gamut of private client services including family office services and managed trust companies. This breadth in services, coupled with our ability to think outside the norm, means we cater specifically to our clients and shape our solutions according to their requirements.